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Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Elevate the style of your home with uPVC Doors and Windows

Window Magic brings the range of gorgeous looking uPVC window and door designs that will transform your home and protect you from the outside world. Doors and windows are the gateways for the outer world into your abode. uPVC windows are turning to be most popular window styles for a reason, and that’s because of the classical feel it brings to any home. A beautiful design with the right functionality can accentuate your well-designed interiors. Choosing the right window type for your home can be an expensive affair if not done correctly.

Windows make a significant portion of the home and come to play a role that becomes integral while decorating the home to your style. Here is fascinating curtain ideas to dress up your windows and elevate the style and beauty of your home.

1. Opaque sheer Drapes: combination of simple sheer and opaque draperies for your bedroom windows provides a formal look and helps in keeping the privacy of living space intact.

2. Go for beads: For a luxurious ambiance, pamper the windows with curtains made of pleats, tassels, crystals, beads or buttons patterns.

3. Introduce layers: when you wish to conceal yourself from the hustle-bustle and noise of life, focus on the layers that stand between you and your window.

4. Wooden Rods with Metallic finishes: this style has lasted for centuries owing to the class and feel it bestows to the ambiance.

5. Mix Curtains with Blind: Mixing and matching different types of blinds with different styles of curtains can be a great aesthetic solution for your windows, making your room look gorgeous and providing you with the privacy you deserve.

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