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Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Window Magic’s exclusive uPVC sliding windows

Window Magic, initiated in the year 2002, is a segment of Window Magic India Pvt. Ltd. hereto before known as Ramtex Overseas Pvt. Ltd which is a chunk of the JV Group. It has appeared from collusion with the Profine Group of Germany which, supposedly, is the greatest manufacturer of UPVC profiles in the world, functioning under the name of the brand Kommerling. With years of experience in this field, we have accomplished in constructing a wide range of modern and unique technologies to create uPVC doors and windows.

Our wide range of products include all kinds of uPVC doors such as casement door, conservatory door, lift & slide doors and sliding door and uPVC windows such as casement window, sliding window, tilt and turn window, designer window, vertical spring windows, plisse double window, lat single window and lat double window. Today, Window Magic is one of the largest producers of uPVC sliding windows in and around the country.

Our impeccable pile of uPVC sliding window would surely add panache to your home. Designed in the most modern style to meet your requirements and preferences, our sliding windows would be the most dignified choice for your home decoration. With the upgraded features in our product which include more candour, architectural enhancement and handiness, sliding uPVC windows are made keeping the varied preferences of our varied customers in mind. These windows are space economical and are well suited for areas like interior partitions, cubicles and balconies.


  1. Wow, this house looks so amazing. I really love the modern design and how everything is very geometric. The upvc windows are also really cool because they look strong and modern. Which is a good thing since you don't want your doors to clash with the design of your home.
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