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Tuesday, 4 October 2016

uPVC Doors And Windows Casted With Technique And Care

uPVC or Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride is an inflexible, synthetically treated form of PVC, mostly used for door and window frames and other architectural structures. These products are used for creating safe, secure and premium quality windows and doors. uPVC materials are created from sections of profile which are attached together along with glass fittings to bring out the shape of windows and doors.

uPVC doors and windows are formed by melting PVC profiles and running them through a precision die. The material is then cooled down immediately and cut to length according to the flatness, the squareness and the straightness of the profile. Windows and doors are characterized and fabricated from the pieces which are cut for the profile. These pieces are then connected together using welding or t-joint connectors. This results in an outstanding performance by the uPVC products.

Window Magic is one of the prominent uPVC windows and doors manufacturers in India with the competence and the proficiency for more than a decade. Profine Group of Germany and their brand Kommerling are their technology partners and they have, in collaboration, created state-of-the-art technologies and manufactured windows and doors, profile laminations in various colours, insect screens and glass solutions. Window Magic is also regarded as double door manufacturers because of the wide range of double door facilities that they offer.


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