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Monday, 28 August 2017

The new tax regime will boost the uPVC market in India

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With the introduction of new indirect tax regime (GST) in the country, the analysts and experts are busy in creating the list of gainers and losers. One such group of manufacturers who are in the winners list is uPVC windows and uPVC doors manufacturers. uPVC and PVC doors and window manufacturers are expected to be a major beneficiary by the implementation of the GST, as they are spared from peak slab of tax of 28%.
As per the decided tax rates, rate applicable on PVC sheets for doors and windows is 18%, whereas, the rate applicable for aluminum sheets will attract peak rate of 28%. This will make aluminum doors and windows costlier as compare to uPVC doors.
The market size for windows and doors is approximately Rs. 15000 crore in India, with the predominant material of constructions being Timber, MS and Aluminum. Though uPVC windows and doors are slowly emerging in India, yet the tax rate benefits under the new GST is sure to help the product capture a larger market in the future.
New tax regime has surely come up as a blessing for uPVC Doors suppliers like Window Magic. Window Magic is one of the leading uPVC window manufacturers in India that offers a wide range of customized doors and windows. The company is the initial introducer of uPVC in India and with the help of professional experts offers customized products to the customers.
So, the customized products of Window Magic and the new tax regime will surely boost the uPVC market and will bring the change in structural look of architecture.  

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