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Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Window Magic Helps In Staying Closer To The Nature

uPVC Windows and Doors
Living in big cities and in between tall buildings, we tend to forget our responsibilities towards nature. Understanding this and to bring green into the urban cities, many architects and builders have started building properties, which are green certified and use features that compliment eco-friendly constructions. In regard to this the builders use uPVC windows and doors in construction.

In India, the situation is alarming as almost 75 percent of trees are cut for making doors, windows and furniture. The practice of using uPVC doors and windows has emerged as solution for the situation. As this will help bring harmony between humanity and nature so that both humanity and nature are able to thrive.

Apart from being an eco-friendly material, there are many other benefits of uPVC doors and windows including,

· These uPVC windows and Doors are energy efficient, as it has good insulation properties

· uPVC offers perfect insulation against the outside heat, resulting in lower energy consumption.

· uPVC can also be recycled and renewed for further production.

· uPVC windows and doors can be fully recycled either at the time when one goes for a renovation or at the end of the lifecycle period of the profile

· They are very durable and ultraviolet resistant, sound & dust proof

· uPVC windows are fire retardant and fulfill class 1 fire resistance and have a long life and low maintenance

Understanding this, window magic – the initial introducer of uPVC to India offers a wide range of uPVC doors and windows to the customers, fulfilling their customized designing need. Window magic is one of the leading manufacturers of uPVC doors and windows and offers profiles that are designed as per Indian tropical conditions and are extruded and tested. The company manufacture windows, taking into account the cost, strength, beauty, precision and ecology.

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